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[VG Blog] - FFXII 100% Progress

2007-08-31 03:17:02 by PureLionHeart

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I'm currently in the middle of a FFXII 100% completion run. I started it months ago, then gradually went towards other games, mainly due to my purchase of a Wii & DS. It's also the main reason for my recent absence on NewGrounds.

I'm following many a guide and walkthrough. One in particular being a "Power Walkthrough" which has granted me many items, weapons, and the like very early one. As of this point, I actually already have the strongest weapon in the game.

My next destination is the Draklor Laboratories of Archades, but in typical fashion, before going there, I'm doing many more sidequests. Mark Hunting, Espers, and Gil Farming, to name the main one. Some of it is a true pain in the ass though. Namely the Esper I just defeated, in what was easily the hardest battle I've fought yet (Occuria bless Mist Quickenings. Faram): Cuchulainn, The Impure. The guess is a status monster, and the ugliest thing I've seen since my ex-girlfriend. He continually causes effects like Disable & Immobilize, and the entire fight your characters are in Sap status, due to the special condition of the fight. Lots of X-Potions and Phoenix Downs later, I am victorious by a hair and still cursing his name, that I cannot properly pronounce.

Before Draklor, I've still to acquire the Esper Exodus, beat two remaining hunts, farm some more Gil (To be safe and secure), check out an EXP farming area, and grab 3 copies of the best gun in the game. Seems like a fair bit, but shouldn't take long at all, assuming the I can take the Esper and the hunts without retries.

I still can't wait 'til Yiazmat.

[VG Blog] - FFXII 100% Progress


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2007-09-02 00:22:25

Yiazmat is a whore.

Getting 100% in FF12 is significantly more difficult than doing so in any other Final Fantasy, depending on your definition. Getting all the best weapons will probably require something like an additional 50 hours of gameplay even after you've already done everything significant, and that's provided things go well. I spent about 5 hours hunting the one enemy required to get one of the three materials needed to construct one of the three main materials needed to get the best sword in the game. After a while you just declare that doing so is stupid and give up. I just settled for the Zodiac Spear, Excalibur and Masamune.

Summons are only good if you want to watch something flashy, but they die in about a second when fighting anything with a bit of power. The only one I ever summon anymore is Chaos, only because of awesomeness. Look up the Henne Mines training strategy if you want to level all your characters fast and do some real damage.

I've got everyone at level 99 with ultimate weapons and I've still never killed Yiazmat because of some lame glitch. You're supposed to be able to run out of the battle periodically to heal, since there's no way to kill himself without doing so. Too bad the game is buggy and he starts recovering a million health every second when you do it. It seems to be kind of random whether or not he does it. After fighting the fucker for 3 hours you lose the will to go back in after he's recovered to half health for no reason when he was just about to die.

PureLionHeart responds:

Sorry for getting back to you so late.

I'm not sure how far I'll go with FFXII just yet, but I've yet to miss any weapons or anything that involve a one-time shot, and I have the some materials prepped for the Sunflower.

And I've ALWAYS found the Espers useless, with the exception of Zalera thanks to his Kill technique. I noticed the levelling trick in Henne, though. After some hunts, that's my next stop.

As for Yiazmat, I think it should be quite an experience if nothing else. Never fought such a long battle before. By the by, the reason he regains all that health is because he's casting Regan on himself, restoring like 500k every 10 seconds or so. You have to dispel him of it.

This isn't as hard or tiring as other games so far. FFX, FFVII and FFVIII were more annoying to 100% due to stat maxing, but as I understand it, this game has no such option, so I think I can put up with some annoying loot farming.


2007-10-25 03:37:02

Wow, it's been a while since I played FFXII. This kinda makes me want to play again, but I've got KH2 on its way to me, and hopefully FFX-2 in the next couple days, and that should satisfy my RPG craving.

I love the prince's armor (I forgot his name, sue me). If I had the money I'd have it made for me, and it'd be sweet if I could get my girlfriend to be Ashe.


2007-11-09 21:18:54

hi pure