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This was just an all-around hilarious and well done Flash animation. A constant barrage of joy. The "bew-bew-bew" and each interlude was enough to make me crack a smile, and the many cameos were good to see. Animated and drawn well, too. Voices were a little hard to pick up here and there, but otherwise this rocked!

Oh Tom

Grow up.
Haha, it was pretty good, man. Made me laugh, well drawn and voiced, and all that. I laughed, what can say? Good one.

Hilarious Stuff

I loved it. You do some amazingly funny voice acting, man. The graphics and animation were all great and very...TANKMEN-like, and I was laughing quite a bit. It was good to bridge the gap, too. Always fun. Well done, and keep the TANKMEN stuff coming.

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Many a college class was spent on this game. I should be ashamed I suppose, but it was so addictive. I loved nabbing all the weapons I could, and totally wrecking them all. The journal was especially fun to read each night. Great, ever-changing system. Could have used a bit more difficulty, but I'm not complaining.

Hope to see a sequel to this someday, with more weapons, more search options (Seeking rations, water, ammunition, barricade materials, etc.) and the like.

Superb And Intricate

An amazing game, to be sure, filled to the brim and then some with unlockable features and strategy. I love all the little combinations, the power-ups, the sheer fun of using Convict, and the various modes. Nice, cool stories as well. This game accomplishes something very special: It can be picked up and played by anyone at anytime, but when you really get down to it, it's full of interesting combos and extras. The graphics and sound are also top notch. Well done, sirs. You've achieved something great!

Good Stuff

And here I thought witches were kind and caring souls. Boy, was I wrong. Good job on this, Denvish. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Good graphics and base idea, and the soundtrack was quite appropriate. Well done.

Denvish responds:

lol. Thanks. I just HAD to use one of Gooch's tracks =D

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Quality Issues

I found the whole arrangement had some acoustics problems, like it was carrying through a large room.

Otherwise it was a good piece. Played well and I always liked that song, but I found the sound traveling effect to somewhat ruin it for me.

A Sweet Loop

Definitely set the tone for the game. A good bit of pump-up music with heavy beats, and a good start-up. I love it.

Pretty Cool

I'm not a huge fan of techno, but this was a good one. It was nice to hear the mixes of Atma & Jenova. I never heard Zeromus so that was a nice treat as well. I liked how there seemed to be influences of each in each section regardless of which song headlined. All in all, a good mix.

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