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LionHeart Update

2008-03-04 01:51:45 by PureLionHeart

What's new with Pure LionHeart?

- EDIT: Finally got around to filling out my favorites (Movies, Music, Games, TV Shows, Books). I put them all in alphabetical order as I suck at distinguishing rank. Though FFX is definitely my favorite game. Check out the list to getto know me better.

- EDIT II: Banned for posting in a "spam" thread, ha. Oh well, one day, and that means I get to Brawl more.

- EDIT III: Brawl friend code is 2449-4325-3933. PM me or leave a comment if you added me so that I can add you as well.

- My PS3 is damaged in some way, shape, or form, as one specific game will not play on it, despite going through 3 copies and a demo, and playing fine on other PS3 consoles. Devil May Cry 4 is the game, which hurts me deeply. I'll be calling Sony for the third time tomorrow to get details on getting it repaired.

- I'm slowly returning to NewGrounds, as you may have noticed. The catalyst for my return? A) Prepping for the returning RetroGade, and B) The sight of a Castle Crashers interview at GDC reminded me this place existed.

- Awaiting some sweet games this month, of course. God Of War: Chains Of Olympus will be in my hands tomorrow, God-willing, though it's likely I'll have to wait a day or two for local stores to get it.

- Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be my March 9th pleasure to carry me through the month and then some. It's looking amazing, though I'm nowhere as hardcore as many out there. It's the collect-a-thon of trophies and stickers that are really driving me at this point. That and the upcoming battles against my good friend Usagisailor.

- The above two games aren't as anticipated as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP, though, due out on March 25th. I've played the Japanese version on a homebrew PSP, but I was basically just feeling my way through the experience, and had to completely ignore elements like the materia mix and the stories in the extra missions. I can't wait, as it was excellent then regardless.

- I don't have many online games (Nor do I really care for them), but if you want my PSN ID or Wii Friend Code, drop me a PM. I'm sure I'll always be up for a battle of Brawl when I get it.

- My student loan payments have activated, but thanks to the beauty of interest relief, I should be safe for six months. Now I need to stockpile roughly $11,500 before September. Donations are welcome and encouraged.

- Signed up here in the hopes that GameSpot knows what's legitimate or not. I usually have some time to kill, so I figure what the Hell. I'll risk it for $50 bucks.

- RetroGade is returning. Yup, it's true. ShittyKitty is working on the total rehash of the site, with QuikFox doing the site layout. Feel free to drop him some comments on his layout and features you like to see on the site at his DEVIANTart page here.

- Lost is amazing. I just recently became addicted to it about two weeks ago. Watched the entire first three seasons and a few from the fourth in the span of about a week or so. I'm always up for some Lost discussion. And here's a neato picture:

LionHeart Update


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2008-03-07 05:47:55

Isn't RetroGade owned by Bedn?

PureLionHeart responds:

Originally started and operated by him, yup. ShittyKitty took over...quite some time ago actually. I'm not really sure exactly when. Josh kept trying to come back to work as an administrator, but between drug problems and minor jail time, that obviously didn't last much.


2008-03-07 06:17:12

- I think I'll follow your example, would look a lot neater having them organized in some way . . .

- Get a Wii? I was horrified when I came to realize that they were taking away one of the few good things from the PS series, vibration. O_o I just sold my PS2 btw, for more cash than I originaly bought it for, yay. Now I play on my old N64 or PC . . .

- Glad to see you back! And I see you've been to my profile too, havn't heard from you in months. :P

- 4-7 The only game I'm waiting for myself is GTA 4, which so far isn't availible for PC, the only console I can think of buying it for. FPS and other consoles controls just don't work for me, I'm to used to keyboard and mouse when it comes to shooting people.

- Haha, $11,500 before September? You're aiming so much higher than me. Just got a freelance job as webdesigner, and a parttime job with mail delivery. Looking for more . . .

- I look forward to it, and the new design, but I doubt I'll be as active there this time. The big stats are what kept me motivated, and now that they'll be gone . . . kind of ruins all the motivational flow . . .

- It sure is. I'm waiting for ep6 . . .

PureLionHeart responds:

- A can't organize ranks to save my life. I'm very fickle. I'd have to change it twenty times over.

- Already have a Wii, and the Dualshock 3 is coming in April. ^_^ Congrats on the profit, my friend.

- Indeed, I am back, at least until video games consume my life once more. Which will probably occur Sunday...and the 25th...and April 29th...and June 12th...Anywho, how ya been?

- It'll end up on PC I imagine, but it usually takes like, a year or so, if I recall.

- I just need one lucky lottery win. I'm thinking of playing 4-8-15-16-23-42.

- Just as well. I intend to destroy everyone stat-wise again. You're just saving yourself the embarrassment. :P

- Tonights episode was alright, but it needed more Desmond & Farraday. Every episode needs more Desmond & Farraday.

- Thanks for the comment!


2008-03-07 09:44:17


- Woo, how about an xbox 360? Not that i'm not against Microsoft, just curious. Thank you. :P

- Haha, you're living a third life. I've been doing great, if you follow my blogposts you'll know exactly how great ( though at the pace I'm posting, I doubt anybody has the time to read them all, or even find the ones not about guessing games inbetween ). Anyhow, to summarize the most important : job search, driving license lessons, job find, webdesign projects, two new sites, newgrounds stating, songwriting, poetry collection, book writing, gta sa, worms world party, etcetc. Looking forward to the dualshock btw.

- Heh, ok.

- Hmm . . . 4-8-15-16-23-42 . . . sounds familiar :P

- Haha, you never managed to destroy my profile comments/reviews statting . . . despite your signup date . . . just a year more and I'd have reviewed all the submissions in the portal. :(

- I suppose you're interested of Desmond & Farraday? I'm more interested in Sawer and Kate . . . or the other girl . . .

- You're welcome!

PureLionHeart responds:


- I'm in saving for a 360 now. Tons of exclusives I want. Lost Odyssey is probably the main one, but others are like Crackdown, Dead Rising, Bioshock (Though I'm not a big FPS fan) that are driving the decision. It's just the saving up for one at this point. That, and I'm worried about the rumors of a new model to be released, so i don't want to jump into buying it.

- You're life is far too hectic for me, man. :P

- Yup.

- Sounds lucky.

- Oh, I did that a few times. :P Haha, but those were the days.

- Two favorite characters, yup. Farraday wins between the two though. And who's the other girl? Juliet?

- Yay.


2008-03-08 03:22:04

No DMC4 is harsh. It's one of the few reasons why I'm planning on getting a PS3 in the near future once I save up enough money, I hope it will kick my ass as much as the first and third ones did.

PureLionHeart responds:

Same with me. It fueled my choice to buy a PS3 back when it was exclusive. It's killing me that it's just sitting there on a desk in my room, unplayable.

I hear it's great, but slightly easier than DMC3. Frankly, I found DMC1 harder, due to the item constraints.


2008-03-08 12:08:07

Sorry I couldn't help you deposit more. I've been way too busy lately. :(

PureLionHeart responds:

Not a problem. Thanks for what you did, and I'm back now so it's all good. :)


2008-03-08 18:57:36

Job: Wal-Mart Associate

PureLionHeart responds:

Need help with anything, sir?


2008-03-08 20:46:32


PureLionHeart responds:

And hard.


2008-03-09 14:38:31

Yeah, you guys ruined my family's business.

Hope you're happy.

PureLionHeart responds:

Trying to stand in the way of progress, I see. >:(


2008-03-09 15:24:50

Alright, good. Glad to see you're back, and at least I didn't do too bad of a job. :)

PureLionHeart responds:

You did great, except for all those racists posts you made on this account which were obviously deleted leaving no proof behind. :P


2008-03-10 16:00:19

Don't make me do it again!

PureLionHeart responds:

*Changes password* :D